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Report! Creative Transformation: Arts, Culture and Public Housing Communities

To explore the role of arts and culture in transforming public housing communities, NOCD-NY convened a diverse range of residents, resident advocates, tenant leaders, artists, cultural institutions, community organizations, elected officials and staff, city agencies, and funders for a roundtable in July 2015. Drawing on interviews carried out in the field, Creative Transformation: Arts, Culture […]

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Toolkits for Creative Change

Last month, NOCD-NY member Arts & Democracy hosted Toolkits for Creative Change, a national conference call featuring three model toolkits: The People’s Creative Toolkit/Herramientas Populares from Rogue Citizen, Line Break Media, SEIU Local 26, and Arts & Democracy; Making Waves from the Culture Group; and Envisioning Development from the Center for Urban Pedagogy. Artists and arts organizations have created toolkits to amplify […]

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What is Cultural Organizing?

Arts & Democracy, a project directed by NOCD-NY co-founder Caron Atlas, builds cultural organizing capacity around arts and culture, participatory democracy, and social justice as tools for community revitalization. Arts & Democracy’s work was an important piece in organizing the first Naturally Occurring Cultural District (NOCD) roundtable conversation. In preparation for Arts & Democracy’s annual […]

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Report! Valuing the Intersection Between Arts, Culture, and Community

On September 12, 2013 NOCD-NY convened Valuing the Intersection Between Arts, Culture, and Community: An Exchange of Research and Practice. The exchange brought together members of the NOCD-NY working group and our allies with leading researchers including: Mindy Fullilove, Professor of Clinical Sociomedical Studies and Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University Maria Rosario-Jackson, Senior […]

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Report series! Innovative Cultural Uses of Urban Space

Introducing NOCD-NY’s full profile series, Innovative Cultural Uses of Urban Space.  This collection emerged out of NOCD-NY discussions about inventive cultural uses of urban space. Members shared stories about the complex process of transforming vacant lots and underused public spaces into vibrant cultural sites that revealed a reservoir of local know-how and creative approaches. – […]

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"Butterflies of the Caribbean". Source:

National Research and Policy

NOCD-NY’s work is informed by a host of innovative support resources, including… – – Social Impact of the Arts Project (SIAP) University of Pennsylvania’s Social Impact of the Arts Project (SIAP) researches types of “natural cultural districts” and provides direction to cultivate them. Cultivating “Natural” Cultural Districts “Natural” Cultural Districts: A Three-City Study – – […]

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Founding Report! NOCD Roundtable 2010

Co-sponsored by the Arts + Community Change Initiative and Fourth Arts Block and hosted by The J.M. Kaplan Fund, arts leaders, policymakers, funders, and researchers met for a cross-sector roundtable discussion on Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts (NOCDs) on August 12, 2010. Highlighting exemplary practices from across New York City, this forum aimed to develop policy […]

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